Monday, 11 July 2016

‘Black Lives Matters' Protest Intesifies

According to CBC news, Clashes between police and protesters in Baton Rouge continued to intensify on Sunday night as dozens were arrested, one officer was injured by a projectile and demonstrators accused police of rushing at people who were peacefully assembled on private property with permission.

Photos and video posted on social media by witnesses and journalists showed protesters being arrested in different parts of the city by police officers who told the crowds they were no longer holding peaceful demonstrations or that they were blocking major thoroughfares.

Baton Rouge police say 50 people were taken into custody Sunday, bringing the weekend arrest total in the state capital to over 160.

Hundreds of protesters angry over police killings of black people occupied a key bridge over the Mississippi River Sunday night, blocking an interstate highway for hours before officers moved them off.

Traffic on Interstate 40 stopped in both directions after Black Lives Matter protesters marched onto the bridge. Police in squad cars tried to stop them, but several hundred had already made their way up the ramp, and the crowd swelled to more than 1,000.

Interim police director Michael Rallings locked arms in solidarity with people marching off the bridge. Several hundred remained until riot police with shields slowly pushed them off.

Virginia demonstrators block interstate

Protesters marching in support of the Black Lives Matter movement shut down an interstate in southeastern Virginia as hundreds more marched down streets in several cities in the Hampton Roads region.

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