Thursday, 21 July 2016

DemoCOWcy In Federal COWpital Territory

"If you are a foreigner visiting the federal cowpital territory for the first time.....
please dont miss out this fascinating tourist attraction!!
we are in democowcy"
Amonia posted.......lolxzzz

But on the serious side, what is the Buhari-led-Administration doing about this issue of Fulani herdsmen and their Animals that is literarily littering and filling up the country. Once, there was a news of free grazing lands for the Cattles so they wont keep constituting nuisance on our roads and highways but still they are on geometric increase.

The government has many times given them ultimatum but it keeps falling on deaf ears and it seem the presidency is indifferent about the issue probably because of sentiments.

Not to mention the havoc they are causing in some states in the east, southwest, middlebelt plus other geo-political zones. I just hope Mr. President take a stern and strict step in curbing this issue before our dear country is turn into ‘Nigeria Cattle Ranch’…

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