Wednesday, 6 July 2016

For All Dad That Left

I saw this pics on a friend's timeline so i taught it might touch someone.
But the question is: Is it that easy to forgive?.
All the hard times your mum went through to make sure you make meaning out of your life all by herself.
All the fatherly love and care u never got but could only dream of.
All the anguish and pain.
All the endless time you spent staring through the window hoping one day he finds his way back home to where he belongs.
All the hopeless stare into the pictures wondering what he would look and be like in real life.
All the night you gaze up to the sky when a star shoot and quickly made wishes on his behalf.
All the broken doors and windows he is suppose to fix.
All the jokes he is supposed to ignite at the dining table.
All the shelter he is suppose to provide from the storming wind, the scorching sun and the heavy rains.
All the late night love he is supposed to make to your mum, leaving her lonely and vulnerable.
All the lashes am supposed to receive for all my wrong doings.
All the sorrow you felt when your friend are all up and close with their dad over the weekend and they ask of yours and all you could do is manage a smile and say fine.
All the issues that only dad could solve or understand that never see the light of the day.
All those tears your mum shed in the night thinking about what went wrong, what she did and why he had to leave.
All the imaginary things you cook up in your little brain and told your mum but she sent you away and you know deep inside you that this is a man thing but he was not there to keep your head up.
All those fears in your mums eyes that you might eventually miss it because of lack of fatherly love.
All those promises he made but never acknowledge or fulfil.
All the damn intimidations.
All the and all the never ends because it is inexplicable and exasperating.

But for all single mums and kids out there still standing strong, keep the faith and hope alive because even though he left, HE didn't leave. HE is standing right beside us and that is why the fire we went through is transforming us into GOLD.

To err is human, to forgive is divine.

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