Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Rapper Lil Wayne Suffers Sei

Lil Wayne Has reportedly suffered another seizure, from his alleged epileptic condition.

The rapper was reportedly hit with another seizure last week, as he continues to struggle to bring the fits under control.

TMZ reports that the seizure had been so bad that Wayne had been forced to cancel his performance at TAO nightclub in Vegas where he was booked for a pre-UFC 200 party.
He was just moments away from performance when the seizure hit a close source said.

Just months ago, lil wayne's private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Nebraska as the rapper suffered a seizure, according to a report from TMZ. The rapper was reportedly on his way from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to California at the time and had blacked out upon the plane's landing; TMZ is reporting Wayne is awake and alert and refusing medical attention.

This is the fourth high-profile seizure the rapper has suffered in the past four years, dating back to October 2012. Wayne, who admitted in 2013 that he suffers from epilepsy and is "prone to seizures," has said that he suffers seizures due to stress, lack of rest and overworking himself. In March 2013, he suffered three in quick succession, landing him in the hospital with reports (led by TMZ) putting him near death and being read his last rites; while Wayne and his Cash Money Records team denied that he nearly died at the time, he later said in a radio interview that he "could've died" due to a drop in heart rate.

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