Thursday, 28 July 2016

Tiwa Savage Joins Illuminati?

Joining the league of artist like Psquare, Dbanj, Charley boy, 2face, Marvin's first lady ‘Tiwa Savage’ has also been accused of joining illuminati…
After posting a controversial video of himself showing the triangular rocknation sign, mixed reactions have trailed the allegation that the Nigerian songstress has joined the Illuminati.

The video was from her performance at the ‘One Africa Music Fest' in New York over the weekend.
Recall that she ‘Tiwa' recently signed a management deal with American rapper, Jay Z’s, Roc Nation company, and from a video too promoting her upcoming US tour she repeatedly made the triangle sign attributed to the Illuminati which really caused the outrage on twitter.

Here are some of the response;

"I’m disappointed in u. Now i believe all ur husband said abt u. If u can join illuminati u can do anything. Never knew u r dz fame and money hungry. I will NEVER hv a celebrity idol again. U should be ashamed of yourself auntie tiwa. I’m done with u.bye enjoy ur hell".

”Joining illuminati does it give you everlasting joy.”
”Darling @tiwasavage I don’t know if this sign is what everyone thinks it is, if it is, darling pls,I know they will tell you, it’s not as people think it is, buh trust me, it’s exactly dat, they go only for raw talent n I know you’ve got,n really, your talent can make or destroy u,don’t let it destroy u,when God has already made u. It’s just an advice,remember, everything ends here, nothing goes with u to the after life except your soul. Am concerned cos you’re one secular artist I appreciate.”

” Illuminati???I laugh so hard when I hear people shout this illuminati shit!!! It’s actually called “The Masons”. I doubt how many people have read the history of the Masons. You think membership of “The Masons” is attained just by anybody???#LMAO. For a start, grab a Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons”. You need to educate and enlighten yourself to to avoid embarrassing yourself publicly!”

The real question maybe only her or close associates can answer is ‘Has our Tiwa truely join illuminati Mason or whatever they're called'?…

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