Monday, 8 August 2016

The Magic Of An Onion

"I am something, if you cut me you will cry. What am i?".
This is the most popular way of pointing to an Onion.
That's right uh? Yea...definitely right.
I was cooking yesterday: contrary to what many of my homies think...yea i do cook. As i was saying and i was slicing the said spice in my dish all to be pissed off by the pain this little monster was causing in my eyes.
So, i remembered what my sis told my bro and a popular saying that you can actually kill fire with fire-just kidding. So i put a little slice of the onions in my mouth and guess what pheeeeew! the pain in my eyes disappeared and i could go on and cut the rest of the onions without stress.
You too can give it a try, but dont forget to thank me later.

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