Tuesday, 2 August 2016

You Wont Believe What This Two Are So Excited About

The duo of President Buhari and Vice Yemi Osinbajo are often pictured together giggling and laughing in the public usually after meetings or sometime in the middle of political functions. What exactly is igniting and killing the chuckles and laughter is what is still a puzzle to many Nigerians like me.
But here in this very photo we catch them red handed. did you say uh uh? With those two staring in the background, you definitely should be able to guess what the two are excited about.

People came up with different guesses but i think i will stick with this caption:

"President Buhari: Those fyful dont know anytin...
Osinbajo: Baba ooo
President Buhari: They con dey shine eyes like nomo for attender..
Osinbajo: Sai baba ooo"

What do you think?

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