Thursday, 9 February 2017

The government took advantage of Mr. Innocent's innocence

Many blamed tuface for backing out of the protest at the eleventh hour. What majority don't know is that, all the odds are on Mr.  Idibia's side.

Just the announcement of the protest alone and the media attention it garnered had created tension in the camp of the presidency. While Mr Laolu (the presidency) is saying there is nothing wrong in protesting, Lagos state commissioner Mr.  Owoseni vowed to halt the protest.
This is a sure evidence of the tension created by the anticipated protest, meanwhile don't let us forget those that are not in support too.  A story for another day.

What am I saying in essence. The government will not want to shoot at the protesters because of the media... Awareness it created...notable people involved.... Future ambitions in the pipe.   and all other visible factors tuface is aware of and if eventually they do. Mr. Idibia will go down in history as an hero who fought for the masses and most important what he believed in like the like of Bob Marley and baba fela. Believe me Mr Idibia is  not new to the bullet..... You know what am talking about.

So why did he backed out?  The government took advantage of the innocence of mr.  Innocent being the kind gentle and humble person he is to let him know that some unscrupulous element are planning to hijack the protest from the initial peaceful plan it was intended for.  We don't know the validity of the information but what we sure know is that they would have convinced two face that he was probably going to be having security guards to protect him during the course of the protest because of his social status which is why he might be safe during the action,  but what about the vulnerability of hundreds of thousands of lives he is putting out there just because of what they are sure the government had already know about..... Believe me Mr Idibia,  "we already heard your voice. No need to be reckless am sure would have been there words to tuface". And being the humble and gentle. Music mogul he is,  he would have reasoned with them. We've made our Intentions known would have been the justification in his heart

So what am I saying. I want to correct people tagging the legendary singer a coward not to, because it is surely not every body that want to be a rebel or an activist or a hero.  Some people just have the good heart of correcting a bad notion in the society without definitely disrupting the peace and the hierarchy in the society. Which I believe is what our dear Mr innocent was only trying to do in the best possible way he could.
Like someone said "I am with good intention lord... Please don't let me be misunderstood"

No one can do pass his abilities

Forgive my typographical errors.  Just feel like addressing the issue.

# I stand with tuface
# I stand with the truthful leaders
# I stand with Nigeria

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